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Hello and welcome to Transforming Homeopathy

This site is for anyone interested in Homeopathy including practitioners and aims to keep up with the latest information on Homeopathy. 

The webinars and e-courses are to share the information and these are designed for people interested in using Homeopathy for the home, students and practitioners who would like to learn different approaches to homeopathy.

Why "Transforming Homeopathy'?

A few years ago, a fellow homeopath who had attended one of our courses on the Narayani Remedies and had used them subsequently, told us that they had transformed her practice!  We hear this time and time again and this gave birth to “Transforming Homeopathy”

For someone who is interested in Homeopathy, just starting out or using it initially for their family and friends, you will find the courses user-friendly and easy to understand.  You will be able to start using the knowledge immediately and effectively.

As a practitioner, the e-courses will:

Transform your practise (you will incorporate more tools)
Transform your practice (more patients, more revenue)
It will transform you (more confidence, less stress, more time and money to do other things that you love)

Below is a link that will tell you something about Nimisha and some of the courses being run. on Homeopathy.

We look forward to sharing this educational journey with you!